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Apr 10, 2014

Interview Question for Sales Engineer at Google:

“Although in essence, this is a engineering role, but they did ask a lot about the sales which could be challenge to answer. However, they did ask any tricky questions for this role. So my suggestion…”

Apr 02, 2014

Interview Question for Market and Social Research Interviewer (Melbourne, AUS) at ORC International:

“So do you want the job?”

Mar 05, 2014

Interview Question for Senior Product Manager at Google:

“Technical skill is a must for this role. You're leading a team of dev's and you have to be able to not just keep up on a technical level but you need to be out ahead of them in terms of vision and to…”

Mar 04, 2014

Interview Question for Enterprise Sales Engineer at Google:

“Name a competitor to Google who failed in the market.
What would you have done differently to succeed.”

Mar 02, 2014

Interview Question for Consulting Manager at The Customer Experience Company:

“The questions are varied. The most difficult part other than passing the psychometric assessment, is the case study interview where you have to think on your feet.”

Feb 22, 2014

Interview Question for Software Engineer at Google:

“There are n integers in disk. Memory has m space. how to sort the data efficiently.”

Feb 09, 2014

Interview Question for Quality Assurance Analyst at Experian:

“Algorithm based questions.”

Feb 06, 2014

Interview Question for Travel Agent at Serco, Inc.:

“Not diffelcult, not easy question. About the Job. What do you expect. Where do see in the next years”

Jan 15, 2014

Interview Question for Packaging Designer at Loop Brands:

“It was quite a while ago but I'll be honest, it was a very relaxed conversation and fairly casual. There were no curve balls.”

Jan 06, 2014

Interview Question for National Production Manager at Auscript:

“do you like your current role :>”

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