Behavioral Interview Questions

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“How do you manage targets and goals and manage time”

“How do you deal with conflict in the work place”

“If the manager asks you to finish a task in 3 days, but you know it is going to take more than a week to finish, what should you do?”

“Explain how you have demonstrated excellent customer service in your previous experience or jobs.”

“Most difficult and unexpected question was, what will motivate you when you have mundane work? The business case study was an inbox of emails which had to be prioritised and answered before leaving…”

“Given your previous experience, what skills have you picked up that are most relevant to this job?
While on exchange overseas, what difficulties did you face while dealing with the local culture?”

Fhikry at Wing CFD

2 Oct 2012

“Content not relevant or helpful to our community”

“Why do you want to work for Thales?”

“If you were God and had the choice of making some countries suffer or prosper, which countries would you choose, and why?”

“Are you serious about committing to a marketing job?”

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