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Aug 30, 2014

Interview Question for Web Developer at Netwealth Investments:

“The code debugging part of the technical interview was difficult because it was their code base which I was not familiar with and they were in the room the whole time, constantly asking me what I was…”

Aug 22, 2014

Interview Question for Assistant at Macquarie Group:

“What kind of corporation do you see Macquarie as, what are your thoughts and views.”

Aug 18, 2014

Interview Question for Summer Technology Analyst at J.P. Morgan:

“Group interview: Project recommendation presentation favours great communicators.”

Aug 16, 2014

Interview Question for National Manager Sales & Marketing at BT Financial Group:

“How to solve a complex internal issue”

Aug 12, 2014

Interview Question for Graduate Consultant at FactSet:

“Nothing difficult. A little bit of focus perhaps around the business environment, the competitors, the target markets and the product; these should be easy to crack with some research.”

Aug 07, 2014

Interview Question for Collections Officier at GE:

“no question was really difficult just make sure you have some clear examples in your mind for the behavioural questions :)”

Aug 04, 2014

Interview Question for Corporate Banking and Securities: Markets at Deutsche Bank:

“Biggest risk you have ever taken?”

Jul 31, 2014

Interview Question for Sales and Analytics at Bloomberg L.P.:

“The interviewer gave me a scenario question at the end, something about the terminals. E.g. Bloomberg and jardines have terminals placed, the consultant is forced to do something etc and how would…”

Jul 18, 2014

Interview Question for Intern at Deutsche Bank:

“How would you evaluate an M&A? Open ended”

Jul 06, 2014

Interview Question for Macquarie Capital Summer(Melb) at Macquarie Group:

“It takes builder A 20 mins to build a house and builder B 30 mins to build a house, how long does it take if they work together”