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“Suppose that you earn 100% annual interest (APY) on $1 initial deposit. How long before you'll be as rich as Bill Gates ($63 billion)?

Given a number, e.g., 314159, as an array…”

“Quickly estimate 2^64 without using a pen/papar.”

“You have a 64bit interger counter set to 0. How long it will take to overflow the counter given that you are incrementing it at 4Ghz speed.”

“Given a set of integers from 1 to 100, find out the number of combination that sum up to 100. Each integers can only be used once”

“How to implement a queue simply using two stacks and how to implement a highly efficient queue using two stacks.”

“A man is rowing a boat to travel up the river. each day he travels 5 miles upstream but at night when he resting he travels 4 miles downstream. How many days does he take to travel 20 miles?”

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“What is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand in a clock at 5:15?”

“How to add a counter to to track the billionth user.”

“5 fair coins, one is double headed. Get a random coin and flip it 5 times, all heads. Probability that the chosen coin was double headed?”

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“Typical Android Layouts (What's the best way to lay element vertically etc.).
Android Lifecycle.
LinkedList vs Arrays.”

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