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46 reviews

Varied opportunities over many years

Pros - Many and varied roles across many different businesses. Good opportunities to grow for those who are willing to manage…

Employee – reviewed 16 days ago

BHP Billiton

219 reviews

Great company to work for.

Pros - Great work environment. Great people to work with.

Data Improvement Analyst – reviewed 15 days ago

Reliable employer

Pros - Iconic supermarket, will teach you a solid work ethic and customer service skills you can carry with you your whole…

Nightfiller – reviewed 16 days ago

Interviewing at Macquarie Group

You will receive a call from HR, who will conduct a phone interview with you… Read Interview

Apr 1, 2014 in Sydney

Interview Question:
What kind of corporation do you see Macquarie as…

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Interviewing at Suncorp

Responded to their job alert subscription via the Suncorp website, submitted… Read Interview

Jan 1, 2010 in Brisbane

Interview Question:
The questions were not hard, typical for the role…

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Interviewing at Monash University

Quite informal. Read Interview

Jan 1, 2014 in Melbourne

Interview Question:
What would I list as my negative traits?

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