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Scientists' Nest

Pros - If you are scientifically minded this is the place to be. No rubbish with running around administration. You are…

Research Intern — reviewed 30+ days ago


Pros - Has a good opportunity to be a great place to work but management is horrible.

Employee – reviewed 8 days ago

Reliable employer

Pros - Iconic supermarket, will teach you a solid work ethic and customer service skills you can carry with you your whole…

Nightfiller – reviewed 18 days ago

Interviewing at Suncorp

Responded to their job alert subscription via the Suncorp website, submitted… Read Interview

Jan 01, 2010 in Brisbane

Interview Question:
The questions were not hard, typical for the role…

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Interviewing at Oracle

Fairly straight forward. Alot of situational type questions. Ask questions on… Read Interview

Feb 01, 2010 in Sydney

Interview Question:
What are the 3 personal values that you hold most…

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Interviewing at American Express

They were hopless. I got an initial call with some questions, I was advised that a… Read Interview

Interview Question:
all questions were easy

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