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Part time sales associate

Pros - Good incentives and team

Sales Associate — reviewed 30+ days ago

Bechtel S

1 reviews


Pros - Even you are in a remote site, you'll be provided with everything you'll need, from your own PPE to your laundry. You…

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago

Watch your back and sharpen thy knife skills - a day in the life of an Estee Lauder Customer Representative

Pros - Beautiful uniform (for the Customer Service girls, not the Beauty staff). The suit and shirt are just gorgeous and very…

Customer Services Representative — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Harvey Norman Holdings

Very traditional process. Best to walk in and speak to a manager. Dress well (suit… Read Interview

Feb 01, 2011 in Fountain Gate

Interview Question:
No trick questions were ever asked. They just…

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Interviewing at Accenture

This was a quick and easy experience; I applied online, received a call the… Read Interview


Interview Question:
I would recommend going into any interviews with…

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Interviewing at Yahoo

3 interviews. Phone screen and 2 with management. Read Interview

Apr 01, 2010

Interview Question:
Why do u really want to join Yahoo?

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