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Bechtel S

1 reviews


Pros - Even you are in a remote site, you'll be provided with everything you'll need, from your own PPE to your laundry. You…

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago


226 reviews

Multiple careers in one company

Pros - Very dynamic, constantly changing. Great if you thrive in that environment. You need to be self-directed. This is a…

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago

Harvey Norman Chadstone - Delusions of Adequacy

Cons - Overall pathetic management from select franchisees and management, with little respect for employees. Even adult staff…

Salesperson — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Bankwest

One phone call followed by one interview with a) the person doing the job currently… Read Interview

Sep 01, 2010 in Perth, Western Australia

Interview Question:
When can you start?

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Interviewing at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Submit online application, but I contacted the project supervisor beforehand through… Read Interview

Interviewing at WorleyParsons

Phone interview and subsequently in person. Many technical questions posted by… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Technical questions on process engineering , on…

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