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994 reviews

Sandwich Artist

Pros - work-life balance great payment easy to learn friends and networking managers (it depends) are nice good for…

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago

Macquarie Group

270 reviews

Great place to temp

Pros - Great people, comfortable work environment, you really feel like you work for a top notch company here. I worked here…

Executive Assistant – reviewed 6 days ago

Scientists' Nest

Pros - If you are scientifically minded this is the place to be. No rubbish with running around administration. You are…

Research Intern – reviewed 28 days ago

Interviewing at Deutsche Bank

Managing Director of M&A, tough tough questions, he asked me a lot of questions on… Read Interview

Apr 01, 2013 in Sydney

Interview Question:
How would you evaluate an M&A? Open ended

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Interviewing at Microsoft

First contact from a career event on campus and apply through email week later… Read Interview

May 01, 2014 in Sydney

Interview Question:
Tell me what happens when you click the power…

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Interviewing at Caltex Australia

Internal Employee Referred the job to me Interviewed with my the department manager… Read Interview

Sep 01, 2008 in Sydney

Interview Question:
How would you relate your expereince with this…

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