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50 reviews

Varied opportunities over many years

Pros - Many and varied roles across many different businesses. Good opportunities to grow for those who are willing to manage…

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago


3,103 reviews

Good Place

Pros - Love it. The best. I like the culture, the colour scheme and the font they use in the logo.

Management Consulting Manager – reviewed 22 days ago


432 reviews

Project Controls, Risk Management

Pros - Excellent work environment, Team-work, values, everyone is passionate to work in Fluor

Lead Cost Engineer — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Google

Possibly the worst internally managed recruitment experience I've ever had. I… Read Interview


Interviewing at GE

I applied for the position of collections officer online from Seek and was contacted… Read Interview

Aug 01, 2014 in Melbourne

Interview Question:
no question was really difficult just make sure…

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Interviewing at SAP

It was a pool campus drive, about 500-1000 students were there, FIRST round… Read Interview

Oct 01, 2014

Interview Question:
what is the minimum number to be multiplied to…

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