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Global exposure

Pros - Great place to work at if results driven and motivated

Employee – reviewed 10 days ago

Harvey Norman Chadstone - Delusions of Adequacy

Cons - Overall pathetic management from select franchisees and management, with little respect for employees. Even adult staff…

Salesperson — reviewed 30+ days ago


36 reviews

Fantastic Company

Pros - Opportunity to develop with access to a large array of courses through various mediums. Very flexible work environment…

Sales Manager – reviewed 6 days ago

Interviewing at AMP Limited

2 stages of interview, with BA practice lead and HR representation in the first… Read Interview

Feb 01, 2013 in Melbourne

Interview Question:
How you deal with difficult stakeholder, what do…

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Interviewing at University of Melbourne

Once you get through the application phase and initial communications, you can… Read Interview

Interview Question:
How would you expect a similar concept to…

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Interviewing at Macquarie Group

You will receive a call from HR, who will conduct a phone interview with you… Read Interview

Apr 01, 2014 in Sydney

Interview Question:
What kind of corporation do you see Macquarie as…

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