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A great learning experience

Pros - able to work around school schedules

Employee – reviewed 7 days ago

Australian Top Employer

Pros - Good work culture. It offers stability and safety. Tries hard to differentiate itself from competition. Good workplace…

Executive Manager — reviewed 1 day ago

Barrick Gold

44 reviews


Pros - There are some nice people

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Hewlett-Packard

Applied in July. Initial phone interview was held in August and next day one on one… Read Interview

Aug 01, 2014 in Sydney

Interview Question:
Not typical interview question. The questions…

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Interviewing at Railcorp

Applied online, got an email straight after to take online numerical and personality… Read Interview

May 01, 2012 in Sydney

Interview Question:
What were the problems you faced at University…

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Interviewing at Boeing

Telephone interview first and then face to face interview. Firstly, ask how i know… Read Interview

Feb 01, 2014

Interview Question:
How to success in a team environment

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