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Varied opportunities over many years

Pros - Many and varied roles across many different businesses. Good opportunities to grow for those who are willing to manage…

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641 reviews

Overall a good experience.

Pros - Very large company with a focus on retaining good performers. Excellent training and other resources to develop…

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Good employer

Pros - They look after employees,eg: giving personal time off for those with long term sick partners

Operations — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Citibank

Quite straight forward - no testing, just a 1-on-1 interview with the Call Centre… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Nothing that you wouldn't expect. Particularly…

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Interviewing at Accenture

Online Application followed by an online personality test. One on One interview with… Read Interview

Interview Question:
No real unexpected questions

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Interviewing at Woolworths Limited

1. Phone call with HR 2. Initial face to face interview with future manager and… Read Interview

Apr 01, 2013 in Bella Vista

Interview Question:
Do you have an example of a time you had…

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