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David Jones

32 reviews

Great part-time work

Pros - Hours can be quite flexible (discouraged but negotiable), managers are understanding and will try to work around your…

Beauty Advisor — reviewed 30+ days ago


31 reviews

F&B Supervisor

Pros - Challenging position and lots of training & advancement opportunities

Food and Beverage Supervisor — reviewed 30+ days ago


4 reviews

very satisfying

Pros - workmates,invironment,new warehouse,and all of the challenges involved

Facilities Assistant — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Linfox

I got the initial call in regards to the Asian Graduate Program at the end of… Read Interview

Oct 01, 2011 in Melbourne

Interview Question:
Group presentation based on business cases

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Interviewing at Bankwest

One phone call followed by one interview with a) the person doing the job currently… Read Interview

Sep 01, 2010 in Perth, Western Australia

Interview Question:
When can you start?

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Interviewing at AECOM

Approached by head hunter. Bit of courting by the HH, then met with Regional MD… Read Interview


Interview Question:
no difficult questions really, a lot about how I…

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