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Hard work, lots of responsibility and autonomy, great people.

Pros - Get to experience all aspects of retail management and operations. Plenty of opportunities for training and advancement…

Deputy Manager — reviewed 30+ days ago

The experience is indeed enriching!

Pros - Tremendous scope for personal growth and learning

Employee – reviewed 12 days ago


2,335 reviews

Well paid, great benefits, smart people, political environment

Pros - The office is full of young, smart & passionate people. There's lots of focus on career development and training…

Sales Manager – reviewed 5 days ago

Interviewing at Optus

The initial round of interview was a telephonic one. Basic questions were asked as… Read Interview

Jun 01, 2014 in Adelaide

Interview Question:
tell me about an instance where you have gone…

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Interviewing at Chevron

Online application, followed by brief phone interview at the end of which I was… Read Interview

Interview Question:
No real difficult questions, mostly behavioural

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Interviewing at AMP Limited

2 stages of interview, with BA practice lead and HR representation in the first… Read Interview

Feb 01, 2013 in Melbourne

Interview Question:
How you deal with difficult stakeholder, what do…

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