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Senior Software Developer Interview Brisbane

Read data from a file (stored in little endian format) and

  display it.

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Took little more time (but still completed in 50 mins when duration was max 1 hr) as I got stuck in unnecessary prototypes of fread() and other file operation functions. Actual logic was with converting from little endian format to displayable format.
I felt they were not happy as they expected me to remember every single syntactical details. And I didn't remember consult the Interviewer, basically interact more. First one is not possible, all programmers refer to google for syntactical help. And on second, I wasn't even sure if asking questions was allowed. Maybe in Australia its ok but in India you can't ask all the details to interviewer (cultural difference probably). Here they want to you interact more with interviewer to check your team building and team fitness.

Interview Candidate on 1 Sep 2017

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