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IT Graduate Role Interview Richmond, Victoria

Technical interview questions: Part 1: Write a program that

  sorts the following shapes: triangle, square, circle. Part 2: Extend your solution so that it supports subtypes of shapes such as right-angled triangles, ovals etc. Was asked how I'd test the program, and if I felt it was an optimal solution. Follow up questions for technical interview: Which language do you use? Why? How do you keep up to date with technology?

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Worked through a potential solution on a whiteboard. Asked questions to the interviewers to prompt requirements, but very few/vague responses were given (e.g., Q: "How am I given this data?" A: "How do you think you're given the data"). I felt the interviewers were not very assistive and didn't try supporting me when I was clearly under stress. Gave me negative remarks such as "we'll give you enough rope to hang yourself with" which was a pretty derogatory and unprofessional thing to say in an interview, I think.

So I had to base my solution on assumptions using functional programming approaches. Ran through importing data via JSON format, what that format would be, how I would validate it and group the data together. They suggested by "sort" they meant "group by" and that I had to deal with the vagueness of the question.

Was quizzed why I didn't choose a object-oriented solution. Explained that the problem was pretty small and trivial to require a large-scale object-oriented approach, but nonetheless I went through how it could work if it were OO.

Interview Candidate on 15 Aug 2016

I scored around 70% in this and no luck either.

Anonymous on 15 Aug 2016

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