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Senior Business Operations Manager Interview Mill Valley, CA (US)

Tell me about a time you dealt with an ambiguous problem


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This question is very effective because it helps the employer determine whether the candidate has strong organizational skill. Does it surface information regarding whether the candidate is a self-starter in assembling the components necessary to bring order?

The employer can also disguise the question such as, “Describe a situation where you solved or implemented something you considered complex,” “Describe a situation when you took initiative on a project,” and “Describe a situation where you implemented something without being asked.”

This is a relatively straightforward question regarding what the employer ultimately seeks. The interviewer wants to understand whether you can operate independently in an organized fashion. The most important element in responding to the question is to ensure you can find a rich example where you identified the necessary components or activities that needed to be executed in order to complete the product, project, or group of activities.

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