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-New York, NY

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The question was how do I feel about working under pressure, meeting dead lines and being able to handle multiple jobs at the same time

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I am willing to except challenge

Anonymous on


Did you get the job? As an Executive Assistant, you would have to write letters, emails and communicate with multiple levels of internal and external people. I won't have hired you because it seems you dont know how to spell. The word is "ACCEPT" and not except. Wow!

Alfred on


Hey you Alfred, whoever you think you are, or pretend to be, as a professional I would expect you had displayed "professional discretion"—a person who is discreet shows good judgment in SPEECH and in conduct—next time learn to keep it to yourself. Do not embarrass yourself at least as a human being because either way nobody could see you while you were replying with that indiscreet message. Every time you presume to be something you are not, it reinforces your ego. Just a local saying I used to hear when I was a boy "that is why society does not ascend because with people like you it descends." As a counselor, my utterances are free of charge for you. (Pragmatics)

Marco on

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