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Nurse Practitioner Interview

-Washington, DC


They wanted to know about an evaluation you received that you didn’t agree with and what did you do

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Doug on


That is weird, maybe it was a test to see how you responded under pressure

Anonymous on


I'm not sure who you are but my interview with the CIA was very disappointing and upsetting. I felt the interviewer was very biased toward me because everything related back to me being in the military and things that she didn't necessarily like about the military. There were comments made about military individuals having the wrong perception of the job with the CIA. She went on to verify that I knew the job was entry level. I knew when I left the interview I was not going to get hired. The lady made me feel horrible because of my background which is very strong especially my experience and my potential...I thought maybe there was some intimidation..I informed her I knew what I applied for...maybe she thought I was going to try to take her job.. It was interesting...I'm not sure military veterans have a chance

Hi Doug on


I told them I asked for an explanation

Anonymous on

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