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Inventory Controller Interview Mulgrave

What have you been doing in your previous role


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I work in inventory and have for over 2 years. this review is a load of crap. i know we did not run ads or interview for this role in 2016. Calling you out you liar

Inventory on 11 Jan 2018

We did not interview for nor advertise this job at this time.
This review is not true

Anonymous on 16 Mar 2018

Why would we ask that if we didn't even advertise this role? This review is a lie. Shame on you.

Anonymous on 23 Mar 2018

More porky pies from master Distributors ceo 🤥🤥🤥🤥

Anonymous on 16 Jun 2018

This person posting this interview review is lying.

HR on 17 Jul 2018

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