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First interview is a standard rundown of questions regarding work history and experience. It’s the second interview, where you have ex Kimberly Clarke Management flogs interjecting with behavioural/situational interview questions, defying the interview brief and acting like GOD. The Regional Manager gets delegated to a prop and humiliated. I have never witnessed anyone so nervous and skittish. Meanwhile, candidates have to supply a “business plan” and role play in the middle of a building lobby. HR still provided wrong address and information on arrival, completely oblivious. I’m thankful l got to witness this toxic company first hand before it was too late.

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Advice: Retain all material discussed and NEVER leave them with any market/strategy jntel

This interview review is correct. Horrendous experience with unethical practices and dishonesty. I was contacted by a well known recruiter who was lied to about remuneration and told the previous rep had been in the role for 3 years when in fact he left after 8 months due to the backstabbing and toxic culture. The NSM is a nasty piece of work and has set the tone for corrupt behaviour. Of course they blamed “performance issues” on the previous rep leaving. You cannot trust a word that comes out of their mouth. DO NOT TRUST. AVOID AVOID

TRUE & CORRECT! The Regional Sales Manager is a bootlicker and does as he is told! It’s embarrassing to watch! Fortunately, l accepted another offer, and was hounded for another interview. There is something terribly OFF with this company

Name a product that you're currently using that you could make better.

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Can you please do this data/ maths test before we begin ( hands test and sits over me while I do it).

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Questions were aimed more at a Logistics & Accounting role than sales and BDM - very confusing

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What was my familiarity and degree of networking/contacts in the industry into which I would be selling?

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Did my current employer use their products, and what insight could I give them for increased sales to my current employer?

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How can you bring more sales to the company

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Why are you right for this position?

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Are you interested in working in a charity/ngo environment?

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Tell me a bit about you..

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