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Advertising & Marketing interview questions

O'Connor Marketing Interviews /  HQ: Sydney

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Take a "traditional" vertical application stack containing a web / middleware / message queue application and re-architect it for improved scalability

1 Answer

Split it out to scale horizontally (multiple load-balanced tiers) and outline how this is deployed via common devops tools (Puppet/PowerShell+DSC). Suggest AutoScaling if they ask how this can work on AWS. (SEEK are a small company, but naturally their apps are high-traffic - they really like folks who can demonstrate high-availability architecture knowledge.)

Are you available tomorrow to go out for a field trip? (They just assume you have nothing on the next day).

1 Answer

Why did you apply for this job?

1 Answer

What is sales?

1 Answer

Why woudl you be a good X?

1 Answer

Why do you want to work at Seek?

1 Answer

do you have any questions for us?

1 Answer

Standard background and behavioural questions. I loved the case study and presentation component and think that's a great way to determine a prospective employee's skill set. Likewise, it's good for the candidate to get an idea of what the work is like.

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I am going to mention 3 other candidates that you met today. Tell us whether you would bring them back for the final interview or not, and why...

1 Answer

You don't look like the typical person we would hire here.... why should I hire you?

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