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Hard drive and ram difference Email protocols Pop and imap difference And many more i dont remember few.

39 Answers

Do you have any updates? I got an intent to offer a week ago and scheduled the job review for tomorrow but still waiting...

Yes i have also got the letter of intent last week ans scheduled for job preview session this friday. Let see after that.

Let me know once your session done . Would be help that what is this all about .. I think after this session we would be getting our offer.

What would you do if you knew a customer was wrong but he insisted he was right?

10 Answers

personal, work experience, work duties, troubleshooting ,technical queries. They discussed pay rate and flexibility working hours

4 Answers

Explain the App Store to a 10 year old

4 Answers

What is the differences between IMAP and POP3?

3 Answers

How would you explain the app store to a 10 year old?

2 Answers

How to you explain App store to a 10 year old?

2 Answers

What is MAC filter?

1 Answer

Three computers connected to the router via Ethernet cables. Two computers can see each other while the other one cannot see the others. How would you troubleshoot it?

1 Answer

How you will explain Apple Store to a 10 year old child??

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