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What is one item of clothing from the new collection that you must have?

Just the usual crap i come across in all retail interviews. Give an example of when you'd gone above and beyond for a customer? How have you excelled in your current job? How do you feel working in small/large groups? The kind of questions which mean jack when it comes down to the actual job.

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Have you been in the store recently & did you buy something. How was the customer service?

If you could meet one person alive, dead or fictional who would it be?

If you worked for a lightbulb company and your company developed a lightbulb that lasts forever, how much would you charge for it?

Fairly involved question regarding in-store process on markdowns covering profit, loss, stock levels, range management and space management on the selling floor

Past experiences and behavioral based interview.

What’s more important, the number of weekly user or the engagement of the user you have?:

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Pick a product and tell me a feature that they should build (why?):

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