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They ask you the major airlines (Australia=qantas, new zealand=air new zealand etc), Capital cities (I can't remember exactly which ones they asked us but I think it was aus, nz, singapore and usa), you have to label NY and san fran on a map, Major landmarks & what countries they're in (e.g. big ben=england, louvre=france). The only things I studied were what everyone else has written here, so go through all the reviews and study the questions and you'll be fine!

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How are you finding working there?

I'm only in training. It's pretty full on, but they make it fun. You have to do training at head office for 3 weeks before you go into store!

Do you mind posting a few math questions that will be asked in the interview?

The psychometric test that I undertook was quite tricky and took almost 2 hours and I answered around 250-300. Questions. Quite daunting

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Q: Give an example of excellent customer service?

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Find the maximum number of skill set a person has from this tables Table personskill name skill Adam SQL Adam Python Adam C Amit SQL Amit Java Amit Python Peter Python

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Case study

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name a time when you had a difficult customer and how you handled it.

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Using a specific experience as a reference, name a time when you implemented something at work

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Describe a time when you've had to develop relationships outside of your team.

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How does spark partition data?

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Now that you've mentioned resistance to change, how do you deal with that?

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