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Director Interview Questions in Australia


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They asked questions that did not pertain to the job, the owners spoke more about themselves and their issues, they asked about my personal life which made me uncomfortable

12 Answers

I told them politely that my personal life was my own, and had no impact on my ability to perform my duties.

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Why do you want to work at Olympus?

3 Answers

Estimate the annual revenue of gas stations in the USA.

2 Answers

How do you deal with difficult people

2 Answers

What is your ethnic background?

2 Answers

Tell me a time that you showed initiative

2 Answers

The most unexpected question was when I was asked about where I would want to be and where I would see myself in 5 years time.

1 Answer

Question 1.. We want people to have stake in company. Are you willing to invest?

2 Answers

Design a fridge for a blind person

2 Answers

How would we deal with a customer if they claimed they were short changed?

2 Answers
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