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When interviewing for a position as a professional sonographer, expect to answer questions about your technical background and experience, including the equipment you are proficient in operating, the types of examinations you can execute and your knowledge of human anatomy. You should also be prepared to answer behavioural questions such as how you would handle a difficult patient or educate a patient about the examination they are undergoing.

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Here are three sonographer questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you maintain your sonography equipment?

How to answer: An interviewer may ask this question to test your ultrasound maintenance skills. Describe the steps you would take to test equipment, including checking connectors, following sterilisation protocols and performing routine maintenance scans. Make sure you emphasise how proper equipment maintenance ensures smooth testing procedures and clear images.

Question No. 2: How would you handle a patient who was anxious about a diagnostic scan you were performing?

How to answer: This question allows the interviewer to assess your interpersonal communication and patient care skills. List and discuss strategies you may employ to help patients feel at ease during a diagnostic procedure. Share any successes you have had with anxious patients in the past.

Question No. 3: How do you ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of patient records?

How to answer: Sonographers must keep detailed patient records to ensure a proper diagnosis. This question allows interviewers to assess your organisational skills and attention to detail. List and discuss procedures you have used to maintain and protect patient information.

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Susquehanna Health
Sonographer was asked...25 September 2015


1 Answers



Are you married? Do you have children? 'Women with children don't work weekends.'

1 Answers

I prefer not to answer.

Benson Hospital

Can I work weekends and take call

1 Answers


Montefiore Medical

Why did you choose this hospital

1 Answers

'cause it is fast growing and modern hospital

Rush University Medical Center

How well did I know ob/gyn

1 Answers

Over 10 years experience

Altru Health
Sonographer was asked...26 September 2017

How do you deal with the patients from a different cultural background?

1 Answers

I mentioned how I deal with them and also had to note that americans are all different too regardless of their culture. Less

Health First

What would you do to keep yourself organized?

1 Answers

I would know and follow protocols.

Health First

What mistakes have you made as a technologist and how would you correct them.

1 Answers

I wasn't prepared. Honestly I couldn't remember any huge mistakes. I answered that if I had any questions about pathology I would consult with the radiologist. Less

Novant Health

We've decided to cancel your interview, and look for someone we think is more qualified, were not even sorry for getting your hopes up, then dropping you like a sack of potatoes.

1 Answers

I have yet to respond, legend tells I may never.


Asked what anomalies or disease states that I had seen during my experience and internship.

1 Answers

I had these written down in my log book but did not have them compiled and ready for the phone interview. I will next time. Less

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