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Behavioural Interview Questions

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Hard drive and ram difference Email protocols Pop and imap difference And many more i dont remember few.

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Do you have any updates? I got an intent to offer a week ago and scheduled the job review for tomorrow but still waiting...

Yes i have also got the letter of intent last week ans scheduled for job preview session this friday. Let see after that.

Let me know once your session done . Would be help that what is this all about .. I think after this session we would be getting our offer.

First interview is a standard rundown of questions regarding work history and experience. It’s the second interview, where you have ex Kimberly Clarke Management flogs interjecting with behavioural/situational interview questions, defying the interview brief and acting like GOD. The Regional Manager gets delegated to a prop and humiliated. I have never witnessed anyone so nervous and skittish. Meanwhile, candidates have to supply a “business plan” and role play in the middle of a building lobby. HR still provided wrong address and information on arrival, completely oblivious. I’m thankful l got to witness this toxic company first hand before it was too late.

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Interview questions were varied between behavioural, motivational and experience questions.

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The interview was with two managers from the relevant business team in Finance and Strategy. The “relevant business team” is the team you nominate to Telstra’s recruiters as your preferred business team. The interview was structured in three parts: 1. a 5 minute presentation on a finance-related case study; 2. behavioural interview; and 3. some time for questions for the interviewers. The case study presentation is relatively straight forward if you have prepared, but be ready to answer the interviewers’ questions about the content of the presentation. The interviewers asked standard questions during the behavioural interview such as: “1. Why have you applied to Telstra and why would you be a good fit for a role in the Finance and Strategy team? 2. Describe a time when you had to work in a team. What role did you play? What were some of the challenges you faced and what was the outcome? 3. Describe a time when you demonstrated leadership. What difficulties did you face and how did you overcome them?” Prior to the interview we were advised by Telstra’s recruitment team to answer the behavioural questions using the “CARE” method: 1. “Context” where you give a brief outline of the situation and the challenges you faced; 2. “Actions” where you talk through the key steps you took to resolve / manage the situation; 3. “Results” where you summarise the outcome of your actions; and 4. “Evidence” where you provide examples to support / back up the results you just described. It's a good idea to have prepared some questions for the interviewers about Telstra, the role, the relevant business unit, career paths etc. because there will probably be some time left at the end for these questions.

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Behavioural questions. How would you complete this task. The interviewer went over resume and quizzed me on a few jobs I had listed. Questions mostly revolved around specific tasks.

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Can you tell us about your previous experience working with clients with mental illness or behavioural issues.

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Written Interview: Write your cover letter to the manager in 20 minutes. Presentation: 5 minute presentation on what the Audit Office does/their clients/why they are important etc. Behavioural: standard behavioural questions i.e. tell us about a time when you... demonstrated leadership.... dealt with a difficult situation... etc. Motivational: standard motivation questions... where do you see yourself in 5 years... what made you want to do auditing? etc. Group Game: Groups of 5 given a scenario where they are trapped in an island/rainforest and they have salvaged supplies from the plane wreck. Prioritise the supplies from 1 to 5.

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Questions were not difficult, mostly behavioural and a couple technical.

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Questions were mainly revolving around the skills and experience required for the job. Additionally, there were also some behavioural questions.

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Behavioural questions about failures and challenges etc

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