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1. Tell me a bit about yourself. 2. What was your previous work experience like? How did that help you grow? 3. Have you worked towards KPI targets before? 4. Why did you leave your previous job? 5. Strengths and weaknesses? 6. What are some of your talents/unique traits? 7. How do you think the company would benefit if they hire you? 8. ROLE PLAY: Pretend you got the job and I am the customer. There were several pieces laid out on the table and I was to help the customer out in picking out the right present for her cousin's birthday.

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1. Basic facts about myself 2. -- 3. Yes ......explain how I met them and what they were 4. personal development -> wanted to better myself and try new things 5. Originally I had spoken about one strength (patience) and one weakness (nervous infront of large groups of people), but they wanted one more strength (calm and collected). One big tip about talking about this is to speak about your weakness FIRST, and say how you worked or is working to overcome it. 6. can speak multiple languages, experience with jewellery sales etc 7. --- 8. narrow the options down by asking some open ended questions. Get one main piece of jewellery piece and suggest another that would pair well with it. e.g. necklace with earrings, watch with bangles or bracelets. **Cross selling is very important!!!!

What is the newest piece of tech you have you can talk about?

Sell me this [insert product]? Tell me about yourself? How would you get off the moon if you were stranded with this list of materials?

How will you be able to connect the customer to the coffee club?

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How will you build trust between you and the customer?

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