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My skills and experience - they expect you to prepare for hours

- Mostly behavioral questions - CTO interview is a bit of an odd one. He is new to the organization and also due to him sitting in the high tower. Conversations don't necessarily align.

- Mostly behavioral questions related to experience. - It was emphasized that theirs was a lean team which I translated into them not being a big team and the BA there wore multiple hats. - Second interview was with the CTO who didn't ask too many questions.

general introduction and casual chat about experience

Provide examples that were hard to deal with in a professional environment

How do I work with stakeholders ane employees that at times adverse to large scale change to their day to day jobs?

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What value you can add to our team and any relevant successful delivery experience you have?

The HR rep asked me about my citizenship status, and if I held any dual citizenship.

The HR rep asked me about my recent projects and experiences.

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