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They tell you to order your work experience in order of how relevant they are to the role you’re applying for

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Don’t listen to their resume tips

Present a sales presentation on a selected coke product, eg: powerade Use market share info and profit story (info sheet on product provided)

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The first round was face to face interview with a District sales manager and a recruiter. They will ask you about yourself and several behavioural questions. Second round will be a situational round where you will have to handle a client enquires and act as a new bde and execute a sale. Third round will be medical where the doctor will check your physical condition and see if you are able to lift weights and bend etc. Then they will send you a trip with an existing arrogant bde who expect you to know everything already and make you feel like a kid.

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Tell me about a time when you have had to negotiate and achieved a good result?

Mock sales scenario on MtFranklin water - costings and how you would sell it in to a cafe - profit story / marketing info there to help you

Role play: I was a BDE getting a phone call from an upset customer , and how to handle the situation

How long have you done sales for? Tell me about yourself? Tell me about a difficult situation you had to over come with a difficult client/customer

Questions were based around my background, skills and previous achievements. There were also scenario questions which can be quite hard depending on whether you prepared or not. The recruiter did let me know the exact structure of the interview which helped my preparation.