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Mainly the questions are more of what I was currently doing at the time and what I can bring if I get to succeed in securing the role.

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In all honesty and used situations/scenarios to describe it more clearly.

Case study question was about a potential referral program - giving out codes to existing customer for their friends - and whether this was a good idea or not

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Details about BI Reporting done?

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Just very formal welcome (you are lucky if they smile at you); No time for introduce yourself.. They just asking selection criteria, that we already filled and given to them (repetition is boring).. Don't care about their attitudes, because government is tax payer money and go ahead. Answer statements with examples. Always smile and behave like a professional

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Describe a time where others have failed in a task but you have been able to excel at?

Talk me through your work experience

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What have you done in previous roles to increase diversity in the team?

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