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Christmas casual Interview Questions


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What brand at Myer inspires you?

6 Answers

I'm in same boat - letter of consideration so far, one day after my interview!! Good luck :)

Lou, did you get a Square as well? Are you still under consideration? I got a square and I got a consideration email

Hi W, Yes I also got a square and I'm still under consideration ........

Do you have any retail experience?

5 Answers

What brands represent you?

5 Answers

Do you have any previous retail experience?

4 Answers

We were asked to introduce ourselves and asked what we liked about Colettes. We were then put into pairs and had to "sell" the other person and had a minute to talk to each other and learn a few key points. Then we were put into groups of 3 and had to each pick an item and then try and sell it to the group.

3 Answers

Why Myer? What are your hobbies?

3 Answers

why do you want to work with us

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What experience do you have in customer service?

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What do you know about Myer?

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The most difficult questions was "tell us about a time where you thought outside the box?"

2 Answers
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