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My resume was verbally tore down. They said things like “that’s not what an admin does. We’re not the type of place that will let you tell people what to do. You can’t just go off and do what you want when you want.”

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FYI I was talking about team work and collaborating with my team mates to work out ways to approach problems.

I asked if there was room to present a case where a claim doesn’t quite fit the Policy wording however it’s fair and reasonable to pay the claim. They said that they adhere to the Policy “which is a contract” and if it’s not met it’s declined and goes to IDR. They said “you’re not coming in and making it up as you go a long”.

When I asked what type of management style they were, they responded “strict”.

I asked them to describe a normal day in the role, they said “you come in and do what I say”.

I asked how many people in the team. They said 7. How many claims. They said 6000.

They asked me if I had had much experience with FOS.

I asked why they got me in for an interview? I said you my saw my resume before hand. Why am I here? They didn’t answer.

They said “you’re not going to get the money you want.” I said “we haven’t discussed money”.

They asked me directly old bosses names and names of people who I assisted at those companies.

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