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Kaiser Permanente
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist was asked...5 August 2015

Give an example of a difficult situation that occurred in the work place and describe how you managed and resolved the situation.

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I was tasked with integration of pharmacy services within a primary care clinic. As part of that responsibility I presented physician specific utilization data. I was presenting this information to a specialty provider who was an outlier in prescribing habits. He was closed to what I was presenting and felt that prescribing patters were appropriate given that he was a specialist. I was able to use clinical research and data to counter his responses. Less

Magellan Health

What was an instance where you went above and beyond for a patient?

1 Answers

I told them about how I went out of my way to get a script to a pt.

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Describe a time you worked under pressure

Auburn University

Who do you serve as faculty - patients or students?

Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan

How does your experience match the job description?

Penn Medicine

Why do you want to work for Penn?

Ochsner Health

What do you like about precepting students?

CVS Health

Nothing unexpected at all. Example questions: "Tell me how you would handle a patient who is very upset with the company." "How would you help a patient who is having trouble taking their medicine?"

Ochsner Health

What was the hardest part of your residency?

Ochsner Health

Why do you want this job?

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