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Asked me about Networking, Windows Servers, SQL query and Linux. Basic commands and scenario based question.

7 Answers

Can I ask when you had your written exam?

why you asking that? did you also give interview? have you got selected

Well I had my written exam around 2 weeks ago, and still haven't heard from them yet. So just wondering how long you got contacted after the written exam?

Explain what happens when you open a web browser and type in ""

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What is DHCP, BGP, ARP, VPN, IPSEC and DNS. Describe what happen in browser when you hit, describe what happen when you run trace. differences between UDP and TCP, .

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Entire Manager Round was to find out how white and how much Australian you are. They don't check your Professional ability of how you will behave at office. THEY check how much australian collaborative you are. Only whites are allowed to work in this company.

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General technical questions about windows infrastructure, lot of them from Active Directory and Remote Desktop. Also asked about Domain Name Server, Web server and troubleshooting.

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They were looking for multiple roles so they have done the interview for 90 mins, the main focus areas were Java networking SSL LDAP Windows OS Linux

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Describe a packet capture, quite interesting session which included SSL handshake.

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Tech questions in Networking role for cloud support cover pretty much everything from Layer1-7 . LP questions are mostly on the lines of "Give me a time when you have a situation etc ".Mostly on the Situation/Task ,Action ,Result (STAR) technique

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Describe what happens when you enter in the browser, everything

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linux scp command, how to read 100-150 lines, how to list all .log files in a directory

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