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For Commonwealth they asked me of achievements and moments where I stood out in my previous work place. They also asked me what characteristics I thought were important to have. The list of characteristics included integrity and team work and others.

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For the first question I highlighted key achievements in my previous jobs which led to my progressions and advancements. After that I spoke of characteristics which I believe in and practice in all tasks that I am required to complete.

Cannot specifically remember the questions asked, but they were around the credit and collections function.

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Challenging situation I faced and how I dealt with it.

'Give an example of a time when you took on a side project and how you managed it'

What is your previous experience in customer service/collections? my introduction, work experience and questions regarding future career paths, debtors in financial hardships etc.

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1. What are your values 2.How do you go about enhancing & securing our financial role in the life stages of our customer. 3.What skills a collection officer needs 4.What way your experience can be valuable 5. Tell us about a situation where you have negotiated 6. How does the role help in enhancing & securing our financial role in the personal ,business & community NOTE: The actual wordings were different.

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