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The SRD personal case study was very challenging. Remember that usually there is no one right answer and as long as you can justify your recommendation (based on data and facts) you are doing a good job.

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can you plz contact me at: thnx

Hello, I am a graduate and will attend the AC in two weeks. So could u share me some experience about it? Thx a lot.

Video int: "describe a time where you were the leader of a project" "How do you deal with conflict in a group" "how have you shown safety in the workplace" 2-on-1: "Who are our major competitors" "where do you see yourself in 5-10 years" "Tell me more about ____(took a hobby from my resume)" "what part of this program most interests you"

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How would your colleagues describe you?

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Just ran through my CV; understood my educational qualifications

Both interviews were a combination of behavioural and technical questions. Behavioural questions were fairly standard and related to the Woodside Compass. The technical questions (at least for my stream) were more about relevant experiences than a direct test of your knowledge. For example, "describe a time when you used statistical techniques to make an informed decision."

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