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Compliance consultant Interview Questions


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Scenario of site inspection faced with aggressive client. How do you manage the situation? What if they offer your partner free products or money during site visit and you see it but your partner doesn't know you saw it. How do you respond?

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Explain the intelligence cycle and how it relates to an investigator.

Where can you see yourself in 3 years time?

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Why are you interested in working here?

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When can I start

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Tell me when you have to work with a difficult person

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How were you able to influence or persuade someone?

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Standard questions

1 Answer do you motivate your colleague? 2. identify any risk in process or business objective and what measure has been taken to mitigate it? you know how to use visio, sharepoint and give me a scenario where these applications are used and how? 4.define risk and what are the control points to mitigate risk

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Previous experience relevant to this job?

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What type of environment do you work well in

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