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Why do you want to work as cabin crew

6 Answers

Have you got your assessment day date yet? I just got my email (perth base and it said the same so excited hope it won't be long

No still waiting, they did say could take weeks to months.. lol guessing it’s months. But hoping it will be soon!

So I got my date 15th of July, so nervous and excited, can't wait to meet everyone, I'm thinking we should start a small group on fb so we can all know someone before the day might help with nerves

You see a fellow Mcdonald's employee, still wearing their uniform, standing outside the restaurant and smoking. What do you do?

3 Answers

Would I wear red lipstick?

2 Answers

Why do you want to work for Qantas?

2 Answers

If a customer is complaining or is unsatisfied, how would you deal with them?

2 Answers

Why did you apply for this job

1 Answer

When did you go above and beyond?

1 Answer

Give me a time when you have shown excellent customer service.

1 Answer

Give example of a time I have gone over and beyond in a work role?

1 Answer

What Virgin Australia values do you most aline with?

1 Answer
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