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What have you been doing in your previous role

6 Answers

I work in inventory and have for over 2 years. this review is a load of crap. i know we did not run ads or interview for this role in 2016. Calling you out you liar

We did not interview for nor advertise this job at this time. This review is not true

Why would we ask that if we didn't even advertise this role? This review is a lie. Shame on you.

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why do you want to work for serco

3 Answers

The most unexpected question was when I was asked about where I would want to be and where I would see myself in 5 years time.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for AusPost?

1 Answer

why are you interested in this job

1 Answer

About history of drug use, as I had admitted to drug use in my psychometric test.

1 Answer

Give me an example of when you have succeed

1 Answer

What was one experience where you had to convince a colleague to use a different approach. [Follow-up question from the most senior panel member was] COULD YOU PLEASE SAY WHAT YOU DID AND WHAT THE RESULT WAS?!

1 Answer

Had to sell a mobile phone to an elderly lady who called her son

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answer
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