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Interview questions in Darmstadt

Merck KGaA Interviews in Darmstadt

www.merckgroup.com /  HQ: Darmstadt, GM

32 Interviews in Darmstadt (of 119)

2.9 Average

Deutsche Telekom Interviews in Darmstadt

www.telekom.com /  HQ: Bonn, GM

7 Interviews in Darmstadt (of 94)

2.9 Average

European Space Agency Interviews in Darmstadt

www.esa.int /  HQ: Paris, FR

7 Interviews in Darmstadt (of 37)

3.1 Average

Interview Questions in Darmstadt

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Was war für Sie das interessanteste Projekt/Erfahrung in dieser Position?

1 Answer

The technical part concerned mainly own experience without difficult technical questions.

Ich sollte ein technisches Problem bezüglich eines Zustandsautomaten lösen. (Ich möchte hier nicht die genaue Frage angeben).

1 Answer

Welche Frameworks habe ich benutzt?

1 Answer

In case study there were questions about my example business plan according to given number of products.

1 Answer

Sind sie zuverlässig ?

1 Answer

What are your salary expectations?

1 Answer

Warum Merck?

3 Answers

What makes you experienced for the Recruitment Manager role?

1 Answer


1 Answer

Why do you want to work as a frontend developer?

1 Answer
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