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What can I bring to the company long term.

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Continuous hard work, dedication to detail and positive attitude.

Q: which of the way is the best incentive structure to promote a Uber Partner?

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What will you do if 20 urgent requests came together from different stakeholders?

both technical and behavioral. SQL, mostly Excel (about micros and VBA if I have ever used before or not) if I had experience working with SAS Guide

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Very typical interview questions such as: Tell us about yourself, what experiences you have had, what clients have I worked with, what do I know about the company, how did I get into what I am doing, what do I aspire to do, what would make me happy working at a company.

Explain your experience with handling research data and building dashboards?

PL/SQL writing test, Salary expectation, working experience, coding background

How will you add value to the business?

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