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What can I bring to the company long term.

1 Answer

Continuous hard work, dedication to detail and positive attitude.

Q: which of the way is the best incentive structure to promote a Uber Partner?

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Why do you want to work for Fujitsu? What skills will you bring to the company?

What will you do if 20 urgent requests came together from different stakeholders?

both technical and behavioral. SQL, mostly Excel (about micros and VBA if I have ever used before or not) if I had experience working with SAS Guide

1 Answer

Very typical interview questions such as: Tell us about yourself, what experiences you have had, what clients have I worked with, what do I know about the company, how did I get into what I am doing, what do I aspire to do, what would make me happy working at a company.

Explain your experience with handling research data and building dashboards?

How will you add value to the business?

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