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Describe different JOINs in SQL. Having a categorical variable with thousands distinct values, how would you encode it? How to find linear trends in time series. How to find the flow in a matrix showing temperature. ...

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I replied all the questions with confidence. The two phone interviewers were very nice and did not hesitate to explain again/more each question.

Having a categorical variable with thousands distinct values, how would you encode it ? Can you please answer this ?

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Explain machine learning algorithm 'X' that you use day to day. Explain difference between Random Forest and XGBoost.

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Quantify in number of years, the amount of experience you have working with machine learning algorithms

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They gave study case from tableau and we need to explain what the chart means, and give insights based on it mostly on background check and i think lots of it regarding cultural fit , Basically like looking for someone who can become a good teammate

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How do you maximise profit based on the outcomes of data analysis?

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1. Simple algorithm design and problem solving 2. IQ test 3. Financial related questions 4. Machine learning 5. programming skills

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I was asked to solve a Kaggle competition - one which was relevant to the Coles' line of business.

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What is random forest? How do you deal with overfitting problem?

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Why you picked this grad program instead of a junior data analytics role

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Q: How you use statistical in you past working experience.

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