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PI: Why did you apply for this job? What motivates you at work? And basic math test (eg, 1.6x5; 7x7; 5%of 100...) GI: as described above OI: Why do you want to work at Crown? What do you know about Crown? - Tell me a time when you boss complained about you and you disagreed - Tell me a time when you handled a stressful situation - Tell me a time when you made a mistake - ........................when you provided an excellent customer service - Negative and positive things about shift work.

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What were the questions asked in the phone interview?

Hi, What if you answer 1 out of the tree math questions(I know it's bad) at the phone interview and you do very well to the other general questions? Do you have any chance to pass to the next step and be closer for the 5 weeks full training that they provide? Thank you

Where did u work before

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The hardest part of the interview process was the role play for me. My scenario was that a customer was dismayed and was demanding some form of compensation.

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Asked me if I was sure I could handle the heat. Very high pressure environment labeled a baptism through fire

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How would you treat 3 different customers

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Provide a 1 page written response prompted by a picture.

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What is the difference between Customer service and five star customer service

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a view that you want to see from your room

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When have you gone above and beyond for a customer?

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What could you bring to the role

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