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Typical Android Layouts (What's the best way to lay element vertically etc.). Android Lifecycle. LinkedList vs Arrays.

4 Answers

I guess the answer to the first question would be listView? Or if is supposed to be a layout, LinearLayout would be my solution.

Yes, the answer is (obviously) a Vertical LinearLayout. I had a bit of a brain fart and called it a Linear ListView, which is incorrect.

Hello Michael, Have you been in a FB's interview before?

What are they things you need to look at when you make an object as key of a Map

3 Answers

What's the difference between a String and a StringBuffer

2 Answers

Just normal Details and then asked me to fix a real bug from their pending defects list.

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Given rank(A) = k, what is rank(A^TA) and prove the result.

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Previous projects

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Q: When can you start?

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None, questions were straightforward and the technical consultant who conducted the interview was only focusing on the specific areas like JMS, Glassfish, Gradle and JSF

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I signed NDA hence can't disclose

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