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Suppose that you earn 100% annual interest (APY) on $1 initial deposit. How long before you'll be as rich as Bill Gates ($63 billion)? Given a number, e.g., 314159, as an array [3,1,4,1,5,9], increment it: change it to [3,1,4,1,6,0].

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Taking just the information we are given and ignoring taxes etc. 100% annual (compound) interest is the same as doubling your investment every year. So for the first four years it would go like this: $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, ... Look familiar? Therefore: 63 Billion = 2^x or x = log2(63 billion) In an interview we wouldn't be able to throw this into a calculator so we would need to do it by hand. We can estimate powers of 2 as powers of 1000: 2^10 ~= 1000^1 2^20 ~= 1000^2 etc. Therefore 63 billion = 63 * 1000^3 or approximately = 63 * 2^30 We know that 64 is 2^6 so we can substitute that with the 63 to get: 2^6 * 2^30 which = 2^36 log2 of 2^36 is 36 Therefore you would have $63 billion after 36 years. Now if we validate with the calculator we see that after 36 years we would actually have about $68/$69 billion. While if we only waited until 35 years we would only have $34 billion.

@Sam That's not actually correct as you have not considered the first year where money increases from $1 to $2, so the correct answer is 37 years...

It toke ^ 10 to for 2 to reach 1k. So it will take ^ 30 to reach 1b. Then u need another ^ 6 to just pass 63b. S the answer is 36 years.

Quickly estimate 2^64 without using a pen/papar.

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You have a 64bit interger counter set to 0. How long it will take to overflow the counter given that you are incrementing it at 4Ghz speed.

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How to implement a queue simply using two stacks and how to implement a highly efficient queue using two stacks.

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Find the longest subsequence of duplicate numbers in an array of sorted numbers.

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Typical Android Layouts (What's the best way to lay element vertically etc.). Android Lifecycle. LinkedList vs Arrays.

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How to add a counter to to track the billionth user.

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Please note the process may vary for your case- 1. Initial phone interview: non technical. 2. On site group interview: Need to provide presentation in front of groups to share what you can offer the company, why do you choose this company to join, describe one of your previous project experience. You need to complete this presentation within 3 minutes. They will judge how you can communicate with the clients/team-mates by this interview step. 3. Online technical test: You will be provided an online technical test link via email which will contain several technical questions to be completed within a given time. Questions will check your basics in .NET/C#/OOP/SQL/MVC etc. 4. Technical interview: I cannot tell the details of this test as I haven't faced this step.

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Write pseudo code to print one word for a sequence when it's divisible by 3, another word if it's divisible by 5 and both words if they are divisible by both 3 and 5

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The interviewer asked a question about sorting cards. Given a complete set of cards, you should sort them without using extra space.

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