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American Ambulance (Central California)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) was asked...1 June 2021

Tell me something about yourself?

1 Answers

Say something about how you want to help people and be a paramedic in the future. Less


Do I have a state license? Do I have a state ambulance license?

1 Answers

Yes, It is coming in the mail very soon. No, but I am willing to take the test.

Midwest Medical

Why do you want to work for our company?

1 Answers

I would love to work for your company to improve the quality of patient care and to improve and advance in my career. Less

Falcon Critical Care Transport

What does integrity mean to you?


What does inclusiveness mean to me regarding healthcare?

Loyal Source

Am I bilingual? Availability? Empathy? Experience? Confidentiality?

Medic-1 Ambulance

What is excellent customer service? Give an example of a recent experience in which you provided excellent customer service.

Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service

Tell a time you felt stressed


What I felt that I could bring to dispatchhealth?

Mauran Ambulance Service

Tell me a little about yourself.

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