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Maimonides Medical Center
Registered Nurse, Emergency Room was asked...18 March 2016

why Emergency RN?

1 Answers

Because it is the most critical time of providing care for patients. Your job is re stabilize their vitals in order for them to receive more specialized care. Less

Paradise Valley Hospital

How do you deal with difficult patients? What are your weaknesses? Name a time you did not meet your patient's expectations? Scenario questions with a patient diagnosis, what would you do first type of questions.

1 Answers

Be firm, calm and oriented.

Medical University of South Carolina

What event has prepared me to work in the emergency department?

1 Answers

I've never worked in a hospital but I have had a broad experience in other nursing fields where emergencies occur and I am the only one there to initiate CPR or give emergent care with what ever interventions I had available until EMS arrives. I have to keep calm and remember my training without many resources at my finger tips. The only difference now, if I work in the ED those patients are coming to me and I will have all these resources needed to save them that I didn't have before. I am excited to learn what to do once they reach the hospital. Less


What are your strengths?

1 Answers

open-minded, flexible, eager to learn

types of patients and equipment I worked with.

1 Answers

explained experience and skills.


Why do you want to work the ED What are your goals

1 Answers

Previous clinical experience in this ed Nurse practitioner

Methodist Health System

How do you handle a difficult or demanding patient when you are faced with multiple projects?

1 Answers

I stop a moment to really listen, patients want to be acknowledged! Assess their needs, ask yourself 'can I delegate this task to someone else or does it require my own knowledge?'...always be honest, patients easily pick up on things even if on the exterior they may seem indifferent to your actions. Mind your body language, it says a lot! Set realistic expectations and tell them what they can expect of you in a gentle and respectful manner (again, honesty, they can read you)! Its okay to ask a colleague for help (if appropriate), always use your resources when they are available. Less

US Department of Veterans Affairs

strengths/weaknesses, a time when I didn't get along with a coworker, many situation based questions (mostly ACLS)

1 Answers

leadership, teamwork, diligent, QSEN focus

Methodist Health System

What are your long term goals (what would you like to have achieved 5 years from now)?

1 Answers

I mentioned that I wanted to continue my education (obtain my masters), have made a long term commitment with a hospital, and join their committees or programs to continue helping the community. I mentioned wanting to continue obtaining certifications and learning specialties that interested me and becoming a preceptor to other RN students and new nurses. Less

Methodist Health System

This was the last question: In 30 seconds tell me why we should hire you.

1 Answers

I briefly summarized all the highlights from our conversation that I really wanted to emphasize on (my greatest qualities and best things I can offer should I be given the position). Try to bring up anything you feel you may have missed that would make you a great candidate for the position. I really emphasized on how I would be a safe nurse (I mentioned that I always ask questions, double check my work, and follow up with those involved in the plan of care of my patients or clients). Less

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