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What problems do you see with the department? What's your 20 day plan?

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Interview leads for issues, then prioritize.

I don't think the questions will be repeated, so no point to share the exact questions being asked here. But all questions are about you, what you do and how you think.

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Coding test covering Databases, Javascript, Design, SQL, Node, C++, Data structures. Face to face would be Project and People Management, Software Engineering questions, Architecture and Design

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Simple questions concerning project scope

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What was the overall interview experience like?

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What was one time you got negative feedback / what did you do?

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Management style, previous achievements/projects, etc... very classic but efficient.

1. Covering algorithms (coding question - approximately Medium Difficulty on LeetCode). 2. Technical leadership typical questions on team, delivery etc 3. Culture fit - how you align to the culture of the org. Have a look at the website for their core values and how you fit. 4. People Leadership and fit with hiring manager. Drawing on examples of typical challenging issues when managing teams. Pretty standard and no real surprises here. Following this there is also an interview with the VP of Engineering that has no real set structure.

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