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Please give an example of the present perfect tense.

1 Answer

Here are examples: "I have not been to Guam" "She has not been to India" the have/has part is tricky and is a hard thing for foreign students to employ as most languages dont have that all. You don't want your English students saying things like "I no gone to Guam." You will probably want to ready for more obscure English trivia.

Please explain to me, as if I was a student, what the difference is between watch, see and look.

1 Answer

What would you do if your relative became ill suddenly?

1 Answer

What is the difference between 'want' and 'need'?

Teach the difference between Boring and Bored?

Describe the difference between interesting and funny

Why do you want to teach people English language

What would I do if my student was trying to write an essay and was feeling quite frustrated

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