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Roundabout Marketing
Entry Level Marketing Manager was asked...24 June 2022

What separates you from other candidates?

Roundabout Marketing

Describe yourself, what are you doing in education and career, and what do you want to do in the future

Tata Consultancy Services

Questions about things mentioned on my resume and previous projects, followed by an algorithm to be written in a text editor.

Green Corps

Tell me about yourself and walk me through your resume

Tata Consultancy Services

Code for frequency of elements in the list min and max value from the list basic data types,oops concept question MySQL based questions

Success Academy Charter Schools

My previous experience with children and what makes me qualified

Silverlink Technologies

Simple Questions related to Communication Skills

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Prodigy Acquisitions

What is it that drives you?


What are your interests in software development?

Access Bank PLC

Questions like tell me about yourself, why do you want to work at access bank, what makes you different from the other candidates. Top management interview think outside the box with your answers(it was very conversational)

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