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The interview was with two managers from the relevant business team in Finance and Strategy. The “relevant business team” is the team you nominate to Telstra’s recruiters as your preferred business team. The interview was structured in three parts: 1. a 5 minute presentation on a finance-related case study; 2. behavioural interview; and 3. some time for questions for the interviewers. The case study presentation is relatively straight forward if you have prepared, but be ready to answer the interviewers’ questions about the content of the presentation. The interviewers asked standard questions during the behavioural interview such as: “1. Why have you applied to Telstra and why would you be a good fit for a role in the Finance and Strategy team? 2. Describe a time when you had to work in a team. What role did you play? What were some of the challenges you faced and what was the outcome? 3. Describe a time when you demonstrated leadership. What difficulties did you face and how did you overcome them?” Prior to the interview we were advised by Telstra’s recruitment team to answer the behavioural questions using the “CARE” method: 1. “Context” where you give a brief outline of the situation and the challenges you faced; 2. “Actions” where you talk through the key steps you took to resolve / manage the situation; 3. “Results” where you summarise the outcome of your actions; and 4. “Evidence” where you provide examples to support / back up the results you just described. It's a good idea to have prepared some questions for the interviewers about Telstra, the role, the relevant business unit, career paths etc. because there will probably be some time left at the end for these questions.

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Hi, I was wondering what are the technical concepts the interview touches on? I also recently applied and I greatly appreciate any help you can give me! Thanks.

It could be on anything finance related - that was the difficulty, especially when you were given no forewarning from Telstra's graduate recruitment team that such questions will be asked. From memory, my question was on the treatment of depreciating assets in the income statement. My suggestion is to have a good, basic understanding of financial statements, cash flows, financial ratios and some valuation methods.

thanks fam. have my interview comming up

How do you deal with angry people on the phone?

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-Name a situation where you had to develop a process to achieve a goal. -What would someone who knew you really well say your strengths and weaknesses were -Name a time you had a conflict with a co-worker and how did you handle it? -Name a time when success was not an option had there not been any team work -Tell us about yourself, what you studied... -Why did you choose your degree -What was your role in your previous jobs -Name a time where you struggled with a co-worker and how did you handle it -Name a time where you were able to succeed where others weren't able to -How do you form your long term goals and how do you achieve them? -Why RB? -What are you hoping to get out of RB from a long term view? -Group assessment involved Four applicants given a sheet of paper with financial information about a product, we were told the profitability of a product line and scenarios that could help improve profits and reduce costs.

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Describe your leadership style.

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What is your experience with Tax?

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Telephonic Interview I was asked, Tell me about a how you dealt with angry customer

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Prior Finance Partnering Experience

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There was a focus on cultural issues around communication with the overseas subsidiaries.

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Difference between Australian and UK insurance liability reserving.

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Most of the conversation was with the GM - other colleague just followed on : Why do I want to leave my current role as a Finance broker and start with Stratton : Also asked how would I cope with working alongside other consultants

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