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What makes you want to become a Delta flight attendant?

2 Answers

What questions did they ask in the phone interview?

What were the phone interview questions?

What is your weakness when dealing with a difficult customer?

1 Answer

Why do you want the role?

1 Answer

What qualities do you like best about yourself?

1 Answer

A time you had to deal with a difficult situation, and make a decision by yourself.

1 Answer

Why do you want to be a flight attandant

1 Answer

would i drink alcohol the night before a morning shift?

1 Answer

There were about 10 questions - 6 of them behavioural questions. I recommend looking up how to answer behavioural questions and prep for it, cause it definitely helped me get through it all.

they change all the time. normal behavioural questions

Why Virgin? Are you committed to work the roster? Are you satisfied with the salary - no guarantee that you will do overnights (which can increase pay).

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