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What would you do if someone came up to you in the street and said "You're Australian, why are you working to help refugees?"

1 Answer

becouse refugee escape from thair country to have security and live without proplem

Team up with a partner and try to convince them to go somewhere with you.

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What would you take on a desert island and why

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Why do you want to be a fundraiser?

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How would you more efficiently manage-up information to senior management?

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Will you do a role play eith me from a script selling or asking for monthly regular donations from people who have donated a one off donation. They call this warm outbound calling.

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All the interviewer asked in a group was to describe yourself and share an embarrassing story. I'm unsure as to how this is an effective recruitment process.

Tell me one emberassing moment of yours Why do you think you can do this job

What makes you mad? (e.g. unfair situations)

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