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I was first asked to go through my resume. Then they asked basic questions like what do you know about MPR Group and "a difficult person I dealt with", "what do you see yourself in the future?" I was also asked to describe what do I know about balance sheet and how can profit be manipulated. Because I was applying for a role that requires both technical background in engineering/science and accounting, I was also asked about my interests in science(as I did math for my undergrad.)

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"deal with difficult person": I talked about a guy who was unable to cope with a team project at uni that we did together, I described how I sat down with him to go through everything and resisted his suggestion that I should do his work for him and how eventually he learned a lot from this team project because I insisted on getting him involved in the project.

Tell me about yourself

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what is the perfect job for you? How do you see yourself in five years?

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Are you available from June - August?

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When you are driving in your car what do you think about?

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Both professional and if I had any personal/family

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what is your view on accounting and finance department

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What are your hobbies, interests, goals

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Why Shinewing? Why Audit? Describe a time when you displayed leadership abilities?....

What do you expect for your career development in next five years?

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