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They asked questions such as: 1) Where were you born and whether you have any background? 2) What type of project (Honors) did you complete at University and what were the results? 3) Why do you want to work at a consulting firm and do you have any other skills that can benefit the firm? 4) What are your plans for the future and how can ARUP help you fulfill them?

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Pretty standard questions, I think the less you expose about your 'background' and the less you talk about your skill gaps the greater the chances you have of securing a role. Talk more about positives, and never doubt yourself in terms of your skills. If you underestimate your current skill set, do not mention it as a weakness or that you don't know how to do it but just say that you've got very limited knowledge in that particular field and are happy to improve upon it once inside the company. Always mention that you want to secure a permanent role within the company. Check whether the interviewees are CHARTED, do not mention that you want to become a charted engineer if they are not charted.

What interests you about Downer group

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general questions about your strength, interest, achievements, communication skills.

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Why would you join this company? What is your interest in Lend Lease?

how you know about jacobs, what position are you applying for and why

What do you know about our company? Why do you want to join Mott Macdonald/ How would you make a fit at Mott Macdonald?

Standard behavioral questions with leadership, company core values, management, etc.

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