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Q. Can you describe a time that you let your team down or made a mistake that was bad for the team? Case study 1. Size the coffee capsule market in Australia and determine any considerations or drivers for the market. Case study 2. Size the print and online newspaper market in Australia and determine any considerations or drivers for the market. Both case studies were about a company considering entering an Australian market who wanted it sized and described for them.

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Case Study 1. I was told I did not use a good framework but this is what I did. I started with the population of Australia (~20mil). Broke is down into coffee capsule drinkers and non-coffee capsule drinkers. Then broke coffee capsule drinkers into light, medium and heavy drinkers. Then determined how many cups/capsules they would each have a day. Then multiplied that number by 365 to determine how many capsules of coffee were used in a year. Then multiplied that by the average cost of a coffee capsule (~60c). This ended with the price of the market. Case Study 2. I did pretty much the same thing as case 1. Started with the population and broke is down into who reads print and online. The interviewer reminded me to think about it in households as if you have a household of four people they are not going to buy 4 newspapers, just one. I got to around 600million people reading print and online newspapers. Apparently the answer was around 900million. I then had to determine the cost of the market. Estimate the costs of print and online newspapers and multiply it by 600mill. The interviewer then threw a few hurdles at me. He said what about people who get subscriptions to newspapers which includes both online and print?

How many light-bulbs are there is city 'x'

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Other: What will you do if you are given unlimited amount of money for one month?

Consulting -related: A market size question about national automotive loan;

Long interview process. Aptitude test can be worked around depending on your relationship with the hiring manager.

Describe a time when you faced group conflict; Describe a time you overcame difficulties etc etc.

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What are the differences between Recruitment and HR

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

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