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Explain how you have demonstrated excellent customer service in your previous experience or jobs.

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I believe that earlier evaluations were very valuable to see how a candidate performs in a work environment. However, that did not count after the final interview session. It was either somebody else had a more interesting story to tell and/or the panel thought that I was a dog that couldn't be taught new tricks? (i had 2 years technical experience in oil and gas, 2 years in a consultancy and 18 months tutoring in RMIT University with a Masters in Engineering)

Do you see yourself living in a remote community?

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Give an example of your most happy accomplishment./achivement

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Explain a time when you were faced with a situation that you felt you didnt have the skills to solve/handle.

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Who is someone who inspires you?

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do you have offers from other companies!

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I don't have any .net knowledge since the job advertisement said any programming language is ok, C# is preferred

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What other companies have you applied for ?

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Explain what happens when you open a web browser and type in ""

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Describe a situation where you had to convince others of your point if view in order to reach an outcome.

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