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A man is rowing a boat to travel up the river. each day he travels 5 miles upstream but at night when he resting he travels 4 miles downstream. How many days does he take to travel 20 miles?

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The correct answer is probably not the one you come up with first. Requires you to have a good grasp of the scenario and some lateral thinking.

4 days they didn't ask abt nights

16 days

5 fair coins, one is double headed. Get a random coin and flip it 5 times, all heads. Probability that the chosen coin was double headed?

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given a new technology, how would you go about learning it as quickly as possible in order to provide maximun value for money towards the business

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The SRD personal case study was very challenging. Remember that usually there is no one right answer and as long as you can justify your recommendation (based on data and facts) you are doing a good job.

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You buy 3250 Tibra shares for $2.50 each. You then buy a further 1250 when the price rises to $2.70 and finally sell for $2.65 each. What is your final profit or loss?

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about the last experience regarding the projects

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Are you eligible to work in Sydney without applying for a working visa?

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Leadership demonstration

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what is your view on accounting and finance department

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No questions per se but you had to introduce another candidate to the group.

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